Echo heard the news that her roommate had jumped off the train. She didn't know Ran, so it shouldn't have been any of her business, but she had felt a bit of concern. Either that or she was just disappointed that someone beat her to escaping.

In any case, the biggest concern was the mess that had been left. Echo hated cleaning for Vincent all the time. As long as she wasn't forced to take responsibility for her ex-roommate, it was all alright, she supposed.

This was no good. Echo had found herself in a strange place she'd never been to before. The girl she'd talked to earlier seemed to know, but she was rude and wouldn't tell Echo where she was.

She was becoming a bit worried, though that didn't show through her usual blank expression. Regardless of where this was, Echo knew she didn't belong here. She belonged to the Nightray House, to master Vincent. The girl decided to search around, hoping she could find someone else who could help her find her way... and preferably someone less annoying.
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